1 Less Three
May 25, 2014 Will Brown (San Francisco, CA)
May 31, 2014 Chin's Push (Los Angeles, CA)

Julia Crockett & Group pack up the furry bras and go on (mini) tour in a bi-coastal collaboration with LA based music project TINT. 1 Less Three (a title created by an online pop-song name generator) is the group's first exploration with live music and their premiere performance on the west coast.

The duet explores repetition of simple, formal choreographic sequences contrasted with heightened human behavior (crying, fighting, flexing, rowing, hip-hop dancing, reaching for someone, eagerly raising a hand). Throughout, the dancers keep waving to an absent party--creating an atmosphere of suspension and searching.

The piece is presented by musician Zane Morris, who performs under the name TINT. Morris, a multi-instrumentalist, artist and composer creates guitar-centric and electronic compositions that defamiliarize quoted passages from avant-garde and traditional music sources. 1 Less Three is his first composition created specifically to accompany performance.

Bailey Salisbury's wardrobe accentuates the piece’s balance of humor, whimsy, and form.

Choreography: Julia Crockett
Performers: Julia Crockett, Bailey Salisbury
Score: TINT
Wardrobe: Bailey Salisbury
Duration: 20 minutes
Photography: Shawna Ferreira, Anthony Atlas