Jun. 6 & 7, 2014 SOAK Festival at LEIMAY (Brooklyn, NY)
Dec. 6, 2013 Movement Research Festival at Danspace Project (New York, NY)

A collaboration with Colin Self, KID was originally created for the Movement Research Festival at St. Mark’s Church. Born from endless hours of play and improvisation, the duet features the two dancers as embodiments of the same being. It became an examination of symmetry/sameness, which was enhanced by Crockett and Self's physical likeness. Through investigation of each other, the performers are examining themselves.

The two explore sex, athleticism, daily routines, competition, courage, and time and again try to achieve form and discipline. They experience these big things and keep coming back to one another (or themselves) to check in--a lot like growing up. They push to the limits of themselves and end up exhausted and back where they began. Self’s musical score is a melting pot of samples, from Notorious B.I.G. to Art of Noise to Limp Bizkit, complimented with his own beautiful electronic composition.

In its second incarnation, the piece takes on new meaning. Performed with Michelle Uranowitz at Leimay’s SOAK Festival in Brooklyn, the dancers are strikingly different physically--a shift from the previous presentation. The work became less about an exploration of mirrored-self and more a consideration of dissonance in relationships.

Choreography: Julia Crockett, Colin Self
Performers: Colin Self, Julia Crockett (2013); Michelle Uranowitz, Julia Crockett (2014)
Score: Colin Self
Duration: 18 minutes