Diorama Dialogues
Mar. 30, 2016 Greenwich St. Studio (New York, NY)

Julia Crockett & Group joins a group of artists including Haribo (Raul de Nieves and Nathan Whipple) Joe Heffernan, Sadaf, and FIN to bid farewell to the gallery and studio spaces of 545 Greenwich St. The performance occurred the evening before the building was demolished.

This trio is an exploration of mundane human behavior that escalates to a manic and emotional state. The behavior of the dancers becomes increasingly repetitious until they are no longer recognizable as one single human. The choreography exists on a pendulum from hyper-human physical language to expansive exploration of form.

This piece marks the Group's second collaboration with musician and guitarist Zane Morris / TINT. The accompanying music is titled "Miniature Moment," a piece that transforms through aural satiation - a process which introduces new melodic elements as the previous motifs are reaffirmed to a dizzying degree. Aural satiation is similar to semantic satiation, when a word is repeated until it loses all meaning, but in the case of melody the cognition of the listener is free to blossom rather than break down. A recording from a rehearsal of Diorama Dialogues will appear on the forthcoming TINT album "Ricochet TV" for Root Strata records in 2017.

Choreography: Julia Crockett
Performenrs: Julia Crockett, Briana Packen, Michelle Uranowitz
Score: TINT
Duration: 13 minutes
Photography: Shawna Ferreira