Astrology IRL
Feb. 7, 2014 Jack Chiles (New York, NY)

Julia Crockett & Group team up with Astrology IRL (the cosmic child of designer Romina Cenisio and Morgan Rehbock, resident astrologer for Opening Ceremony and DIS Magazine) for the launch of their first collection of zodiac inspired apparel. The performers, who were cast by Crockett and Rehbock as stereotypes of the zodiac, exaggerate the known personality traits of each sign such as the jocky Aries and the emotional, watery Cancer. The choreography highlights the conflicts, intimacies, and camaraderie between the various signs through physical and verbal interactions.

Choreography: Julia Crockett
Performers: Julia Crockett, Zachary Frater, Kevin Kreider, Ivica Marc, Alexandra Maurice, Sadaf H. Nava, Briana Packen, Yunique Palmer, Michael Ring, Bailey Salisbury, Michelle Uranowitz, Whitney Vangrin
Apparel: Astrology IRL